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If you don’t have an Aadhar Card in India, there are several potential consequences and limitations that you might face, as the Aadhar Card has become a crucial part of accessing various services and facilities in the country.

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The Aadhar Card serves as a widely accepted and reliable form of identity proof across India. It simplifies processes that require identity verification, such as opening bank accounts, applying for loans, and accessing government services.

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An Aadhar Card enables direct and streamlined access to various government services, subsidies, and welfare schemes. You can get access to LPG subsidies, the Public Distribution System (PDS), social security pensions, and more.

Bank With Ease

The Aadhar Card plays a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion by simplifying the process of opening bank accounts. It facilitates digital and cashless transactions, making banking and financial services more accessible to the broader population, including those in rural and remote areas.

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Your Journey to Getting an Aadhar Card


Schedule an Appointment

Visit an authorized Aadhar Enrollment Center and fill out the enrollment form. Provide necessary documents for proof of identity and address (like passport, PAN card, voter ID, etc.).


Collect Biometric and Demographic Data

Submit to biometric data capturing, including fingerprint and iris scans, and provide demographic information such as name, date of birth, and address.


Receive Your Aadhar Number

After the data is processed, an Aadhar number is issued. The physical Aadhar card is then mailed to the address provided, or it can be downloaded and printed as an e-Aadhar from the UIDAI website.

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Frequently Asked
Questions About Aadhar Cards

What is an Aadhar Card?

The Aadhar Card is a unique identity document in India, essential for accessing government services, subsidies, and serving as a valid ID proof.

How can I apply for an Aadhar Card?

Apply for an Aadhar Card by visiting an authorized Aadhar Enrollment Center with your identity and address proofs for enrollment and biometric data collection.

What documents are needed for Aadhar Registration?

Valid documents for Aadhar registration include a passport, PAN card, voter ID, and other government-approved identity and address proofs.

Is it mandatory to link Aadhar with bank accounts?

Linking Aadhar with bank accounts and mobile numbers is often required for verification purposes, subject to current government regulations.

How do I update my Aadhar Card?

Update or correct Aadhar Card details online through the UIDAI website or by visiting an Aadhar Service Centre.

What if I lose my Aadhar Card?

If your Aadhar Card is lost, you can download a duplicate from the UIDAI website or visit an Aadhar center for a reissue.

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